Indian Railways and India Post office are both Government of India organizations. Indian Railways running under Ministry of Railways, whereas department of Indian postal services was running under Ministry of Communications and Technology. Each and every service of both Indian Railways and India Post office are running under the Government of India. The main aim to create these services is to serve Indian citizens. So the life of Indian citizens becomes easier.

Indian Railways provide many services to Indian citizens and they are PNR Status, Trains between different stations, Seat availability, fare enquiry, mobile booking etc. Again Indian Railways classified there trains into many classes and they are AC First Class, AC 1 Tier, AC 2 Tier, AC 3 Tier, Sleeper Classes, Second Sitting etc. Indian Railways serve different trains according to passenger choice and they are superfast trains, mail trains, express trains, memu trains, goods trains, passenger trains etc.

Similarly the department of India Post office serves many services to Indian citizens and they are delivery of parcels, deliver of packages, deliver of consignments, deliver of important documents etc. In these parcel delivery section again India Post office is divided into speed post, registered post, express parcel, logistics post, letters, business parcel etc. India post office is introduced tracking feature to find current and exact status of the parcels. This tracking feature made by using latest and advanced technology. Some of the tracking features made by India post offices are speed post tracking, registered post tracking etc. The department of Indian postal service is also introduced many services and they are small saving schemes, banking, insurance, stamps etc.

PNR Status is used to find the current reservation status of train ticked, which booked in Indian Railways. Same way speed post tracking feature is used to find current tracking status of the parcel booked in India post office. These services are fast and secure. And they give 100% accurate results within seconds. Specially, these services are very useful to Indian citizens. These services to customers can be availed in both online and offline. Indian Railways, IRCTC, Amazon and many other websites and Apps serve in online.

PNR Status and Speed post tracking features are convenient and quick. Both Indian Railways and India post office made advanced tracking feature with the latest internet technology. These tools are very useful to their customers or passengers. And these tools are impacting their business.

PNR Status

It is a enquiry tool to find the current reservation status of train tickets. And it is running under Indian Railways, which is a Government of India based organization. In India there are many popular networks to travel, they are Road and Air and these road and air networks run under the both private and Government. When compared with road and air networks Indian Railways are 100% accurate and safest travel system in India.

Indian Railway system is deliver the passengers and parcel from source to destination in India with safe and secure. It has the huge rail network in India. it is the fourth largest rail network in worldwide. Indian railways provide serve different services to Indian customers and these services available throughout year. The basic features of Indian Railways are PNR Status, fast travel, safe travel, heavy items delivery, parcels delivery, secure mode of transportation of passengers and parcels from source to destination, sms based enquiry, web based PNR Status enquiry, efficient services, time bound travel services etc.

PNR Status of Indian Railways is very useful tool. It is best tool of Indian Railways and gives always accurate and reliable results. When you book the train ticket, the IRCTC or Indian railways will provide you a 10 digit PNR number, just enter the PNR number in the Indian Railways website form and press ‘Enter’ button. After sometime you will get the complete reservation information.

pnr status

Speed Post Tracking

Speed post was introduced by India Post office in the year 1986. It is best, reliable and affordable service of Indian postal service, when compare with other services of India post and they are registered post, business parcel, express parcel, logistics post etc. It has the wide network in India and coverage every part of India. The services of India post are spread across every corner of India. It services are extended in worldwide with the collaboration of Ems Speed Post.

The postal rates of speed post are affordable and lowest price to every domestic and international customer. It is the top most parcel deliver provider in domestic express market in India. For 35 Kg parcels, speed post guarantees the fast and express delivery. The services offered by speed post are speed post tracking, insurance, 24 hours booking facility and express delivery from source to destination.

Speed post offers discounts for regular customers, free pickup available for bulk customers and cash on delivery available for ecommerce and retails customers. You can get speed post tracking results though SMS. These mobile nonfictions will reach until the parcel reaches its destination. If the article is delay to reach the destination then speed post will give the compensation. This compensation is available for corporate and contract customers.

speed post tracking

Difference Between PNR Status And Speed Post

The main difference of PNR Status and speed post tracking are given below:

  • Indian Railways is a travel service, where as speed post is parcel service.
  • PNR Status is running under Ministry of Railways and speed post running under Ministry of Communications and Technology.
  • PNR Status will give 100% accurate results, where as speed post will not provide the accurate results.
  • PNR Status is used to find the current reservation status of train ticket, where as speed post tracking will give current status of booked parcel.
  • In comparison, Indian Railway services are fast when compare with speed post services.
  • Indian railways provide different rate services, where as speed post has one rate throughout India.
  • Indian Railways is for passenger travel and parcel shifting, whereas speed post is to deliver parcels, packages etc.

Similarities Of PNR Status And Speed Post

There are lot of similarities between speed post and PNR status. And they are given below:

  • Both services are fast and reliable.
  • Both offering real time tracking feature and they are PNR Status and speed post tracking.
  • Both India Post office and Indian Railways save the money and time of Indian customers.
  • Both Indian Railways and India post are offering time bound and convenient services to customers.
  • Both have the huge network across India.
  • Both have the last mile connectivity in India.
  • Both have the excellent network coverage across every corner of India.
  • 24/7 services are available.
  • Services are available in lowest and affordable prices.

Finally, both Indian Railway and India post services are quick and convenient. With services like PNR Status and speed post tracking, the customers can save the time and energy, that means they can check the status without going to the post office or railway station. They can simply check through mobile or web. Both Indian Railways and India post office offers the guarantee services, time bound services and secure services to Indian citizens.

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