Indian Railways is the leading and largest domestic railway network in India and also in South Asia. It has the best credible position in both domestic and international for providing the extra ordinary services to customers. It was founded in 16 April 1853. It is under Ministry of Railways, which under Government of India. When compare with other railway networks in world with size, it is the fourth largest network. Almost 13 lakh employees are working under Indian Railways. The different services offered by Indian Railways are PNR Status, Trains between different stations, fare enquiry, seat availability, NTES, IRCTC, reserved train schedule, mobile ticketing services, catering services etc.

PNR enquiry is one of the best and special services offered by Indian Railways. PNR status can be finding by using the websites IRCTC, Google Sites, Indian Railways etc. Google Sites is the only and best place, where you can play unblocked games in your smartphone during the train journey. These unblocked games can refresh our mind throughout train journey and the passenger doesn’t get bore.

PNR status is available in both online and offline. In case of online, PNR enquiry is available in web and App. It is operated across every corner of India. Its head office is situated at New Delhi. The main aspiration of Ministry of Railways is to make Indian railways as world Class Company. No doubt, Indian Railways services to Indian customers are world class services. It services to Indian customers are famous and accurate. It services to clients are most reliable and fast.

PNR status tool is the world class tracking tool of Indian railways and it is made by using innovative, advanced and latest technology. The straight point is that, the passenger can find the PNR Status of their current reserved train tickets. It gives the 100% accurate results to Indian and foreign customers within seconds, who book the train tickets in Indian Railways. It is always trying to make passengers happy and satisfactory by providing the best services. It is also taking less time to reach the passengers from source to destination.

Along with PNR Status, trains between different stations, seat availability etc, Indian railways has also providing the different train services in India and they are express trains, superfast trains, passenger trains, goods trains etc. For parcel services in Goods trains, Indian railways are offering the fastest service and also known for excellent delivery option for parcel service. It has the huge network and last mile connectivity in India, so it provides the best services to every corner of India. It services to Indian customers are cost effectiveness and fastest.

PNR Status services to passengers are insanely customer centric. PNR enquiry of current reserved train tickets of passengers are fast, responsive, reliable and also value for their money. Indian Railways offers various services to their passengers and they are last mile travel, choice of time to book train ticket, choice of place to travel and also choice of payment options like debit card, wallets, credit card, cash etc. When compare with other travel in India like road and air, Indian Railways is the best and safest travel system in India.

Recently Indian Railway is introducing many railways railway stations in India, so that more Indian citizens can travel to their destinations in India safely and securely. Also Indian Railways has started parcel services to every corner of India, so every person can safely deliver their things by using Indian Railways. An India Railways station are hygienic and provides services like food stalls, tea stalls, cool drink stalls, book stalls, ATM centers etc.

pnr status

PNR Status Enquiry Methods

As a passenger, you can find the status of your current reserved train tickets booked in Indian Railway counters, IRCTC, Amazon, Google Sites etc by using PNR number. For offline reserved tickets, PNR number is printed on the booking ticket. For online reserved tickets, PNR number is available in SMS or E Ticket or Email. The PNR status enquiry method is given below:

  • First visit the official website of Indian Railways or IRCTC or Amazon or any other online PNR Status enquiry platform.
  • Enter the PNR number in the form or text box.
  • PNR number is a 10 digit unique number. This number is separated with hyphen (-) symbol.
  • When you enter PNR number, don’t enter hyphen (-) symbol in the form or text box.
  • Now press the ‘Enter’ button. After some time the passenger will get the current reservation status of their train tickets.
  • They will get the coach number and seat number.

Different Enquiry Ways of PNR Status

  • Web Track Form Services: Using different website in online, passenger can find the status of reserved train tickets. The different websites are Indian Railways, IRCTC etc.
  • Indian Railway Station Counter: The passenger can also find the current reservation status of their train tickets at Indian Railway station counters.
  • App Track Form services: using different PNR status Android or IOS Apps, the passenger can find their current reservation status.
  • SMS Services: To find the current reservation status of your booked train tickets, you can just dial the number 139. Here SMS charges are applicable. These SMS charges are will change according mobile service providers like Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, Idea etc.
Indian Railways

Indian Railways Services

  • Indian Railways offers different train services in India and they are mail trains, express trains, superfast trains, passenger trains, MEMU (Mainline Electric Multiple Unit) trains, suburban train services, DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) trains, goods trains, EMU (Electric Multiple Unit) trains etc.
  • The Indian Railway classes are AC First Class, AC 2-Tier, AC 3-Tier, First Class, AC Chair Car, Sleeper and Second Sitting.
  • Indian railways are safe and secure travel system to deliver passengers and parcels in India.
  • It is reliable and fastest system in India, when compare with other travel networks in India like road and air. It travels almost every location in India.
  • PNR Status is the most efficient and fastest tool of Indian Railways to find the current reservation status of passenger train tickets
  • Indian Railways is known for flexibility, speed and economical tariff.
  • India Railways has provided some space to India postal services, so Indian postal services can operates their domestic express services in India.
  • Indian Railway services are economic, flexible and convenient. The benefits provided by Indian Railways in PNR status, trains between different stations etc are useful to passengers.
  • It provides special train services during festivals. So Indian citizens can travel more freely to their destination.

Finally Indian Railways is the fastest and leading travel network in India and also in the globe. It services are always secure, reliable, safe, fast and responsible. In this article, we can know about the different services offered by Indian Railways and they are PNR Status, seat availability, trains between different stations, fare enquiry etc. These are main advantages of Indian Railways. It offers customer friendly services to Indian customers. It has huge rail network in India, so finally it is the leading rail network in India and also worldwide.

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